Golden retriever breeder

Kennel Dagchells has been established in year 2005 but our first golden retriever came into our life year before, in 2004. Actually, I never wanted to be a breeder, I wanted to show my first dog only. We all fell in love with golden retrievers instantly and the rest is a history… 

We are family based, FCI and SKJ (Slovak kennel union) fully registered kennel, located in Slovakia, Europe. We breed Golden retrievers – English Golden Retriever type.​ Our goal is to breed typical golden retrievers, with nice conformation, correct body structure, fantastic characters, strong health and working abilities. We have dedicated ourselves to breed the outstanding quality golden retriever puppies and our breeding is based on perfect west European pedigrees.  

Our puppies are the result of careful and selective breeding providing beautiful puppies bred for temperament, breed type, and most all to produce wonderful companions or family additions. While placing puppies into loving homes is first and foremost, however maintaining and achieving a quality of perfection is our our ultimate goal.​

All our dogs have done required and as well extra health clearances – they are FCI hips, elbows, shoulders, knees – patella, eyes, heart, thyroid tested. We try to do our best and eliminate genetic issues and our current breeding team is tested for complete genetic panel – DM, GRMD, PRA_GR1, PRA_GR2, PRCD and ICT. We prefer correct dentition so we use dogs with complete dentition – 42 teeth and correct scissors bite.​When you are ready for bringing one of these adorable puppies to your home, please keep an eye on our puppy plans, read our F.A.Q section and contact us so we can learn more about you.

Based on what you’re looking for, we will help you choose the perfect puppy for you and your family. It is very hard time letting our puppies go, so please understand the fact that we thoroughly check each potential home to make sure it is the right fit for our little ones.​You can meet puppies breed by us worldwide, our puppies are giving love to owners not only in Slovakia and other European countries, they live in country of origin of golden retrievers – United Kingdom and overseas in United States and Canada.​

Showing and grooming dogs is my huge passion. I have successfully shown our dogs in various European countries and they are holders of many championships. Let’s meet on some show and have nice chat together!​ Enjoy our website and all the pictures that will give you a glimpse into our home and show you our commitment to the most awesome breed in the world!​

Petra Kosecova

Golden retriever breeder and founder of Dagchells kennel

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