Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions. If there is some question on your mind and it is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About our breeding

Where do your dogs live?
Our dogs live with us, they have their spacious runs, enjoy our garden and share our house with us. They live like full family members. We are family based, kennel free breeding and dogs and puppies get our full attention.
What kind of food do you give to your dogs?
All our dogs eat organic raw food - B.A.R.F. - it means fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, bones, diary products and natural supplements. We have started to feed our dogs with B.A.R.F since 2010 and we are very satisfied how healthy and good looking they are.
Do your dogs have health clearances?

Sure, they do. We do several tests - xrays of hips, elbows, shoulders, knees and eyes, heart and thyroid clinical test. We try our best to eliminate genetic health issues and current breeding team is tested and certified for PRA_GR1,PRA_GR2, ICT, PRCD, DM, GRMD, NCL. We use only dogs with correct and complete dentition in our breeding program.

Do you have visiting hours?

Our kennel schedules visits for serious puppybuyers included in our waiting list. No visit of pregnant future mommy or puppies until first vaccination (5th week) due the strict hygiene policies (without exeption). We absolutely don't want to risk the health of future mommy and her babies. Little babies have very weak immune system and serious illneses like parvo or kennel cough are spread easily and transferred unknowingly so we have very strict hygiene policies to protect our newborns. We appreciate your understanding! Feel free to email us anytime with any questions you may have. Email is usually the fastest way for me to be able to reply.

What support do your kennel offers?
Our kennel offer lifelong free support in following fields:
- free grooming for every dog from our breeding
- show handling
- consultation (feeding, health care, exercise, breeding,...)
Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we are! Feel free to put Like and Follow us to get instant news and lovely pictures from us popping up in your news feed. Our Facebook page is Dagchells golden retrievers.

Do you offer boarding or daycare services?

No, we don't.

About our kennel

Where are you located?
We are located in Europe - Slovakia.
Is your kennel registered and licensed?
Of course! Our kennel is registered in FCI and Slovak kennel union - SKJ.
Are your dogs registered?
Yes, our dogs are purebreed golden retrievers with dual registration with Federation Cynologue Internationale (FCI) and Slovenska kynologicka jednota (Slovak kennel union - SKJ).
All puppies breed by our kennel have dual full registration with FCI and SKJ and are able to be fully registered in every country.
Do you breed puppies with limited or full rights?
All our puppies are breed with full rights.
Do you export puppies?

Yes, we do export puppies to approved and loving homes. Please contact us for more info.

General questions about puppies

Do you have waiting list for puppies?

Yes, we do! In case of serious interest about one of our puppies, please contact us asap. Our puppies are usually spoken for immediately after birth based on waiting list.

Do you have limited or unlimited waiting list for puppies?

We have limited waiting list for each litter, it means we take only few limited spots in our waiting list and deposits for each gender in each litter.

I don't want to do shows or do breeding with puppy, could I still have a puppy from your breeding?

Sure, as long as you are responsible person able to love and take care about dog for approx. 12-15 years. Showing or breeding is not condition to own dog from our kennel.

I want to buy a puppy, how can I reserve the puppy?
1) Please make sure you checked every detail about our dogs, breeding, upcoming puppies, etc. Don't forget to check our F.A.Q section, which will give you answers to the most of your questions.


2) If you are 110% sure (no, it's not typo 🙂 you want one of our precious puppy and you are responsible person, please go ahead and contact us. We do our best to respond to all serious inquiries within 24-72 hours (during business days). Please don't forget to check your spam folder, sometimes our response ends up there.
In case you will not get reply within 24-72 hours during business days and there is no response even in spam, please resend us your message once again.


Your email will be carefully reviewed, we might have some additional questions, please be prepared for this situation. Our aim is to be 100% sure about you as a potencial owner of our puppy and we need to know you. We truly care to who our puppy is going to.


3) If your reviewing process is finished and you are approved, you will be asked to place non-refundable deposit. Once the deposit is placed, your spot in waiting list is fully secured.


Important notice: please don't ask us just to place a deposit without prior communication . We really care where our puppies are going to and refusing to provide info and answers will result in decline.


If all three steps are done, welcome on board, you are included in our waiting list.
What if there are not enough puppies in litter and I have paid deposit?
If there are not enough puppies in the litter or not enough puppies of prefered sex (which is very rare situation as we usually take only few limited spots in our waiting list), the deposit could be transferred to another litter or refunded back to you. It is only one case when the deposit is refundable otherwise deposit is non-refundable, it means if you change your mind, your situation has changed or whatever reason, we are sorry, deposit is non-refundable.


We hate this but we reserve the right to cancel and refund your deposit at any time if we have serious reason/reasons to do it.
We take deposits to secure place in our waiting list. Spots in our waiting lists are limited and we don't take a lot of deposits for one litter.
Can you tell how many puppies and which gender are expected from ultrasound examination?

No, ultrasound examination is done for pregnancy confirmation only. It is not accurate to make puppy count based on ultrasound and it is completely impossible to tell how many males or females are going to be born in litter.

I am going to have a puppy from you, can I visit puppies?

Sure, you can. Visits of puppies are possible after 5th week of life (after first shot). Our kennel make few visiting weekends so puppy buyers can meet and greet their new family member a lot of times before pick up. If you are coming from abroad, we are located one hour drive from Slovak capital - Bratislava Airport - Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport - (BTS) or one and half hour drive from Austrian capital - Vienna Schwechat Intl. airport - (VIE) - (we suggest this airport, better connection especially from overseas). Other options are Budapest Intl.airport - 2 hours drive, Prague Intl.airport - 4 hours drive. Reliable car rentals are available in all airports.

Could I bring my other dog or other pets with me for puppy visit?
Sorry, no. Due very strict hygiene policies, no other dogs or pets are allowed to visit puppies or our dogs.
When is puppy ready to go?
Our puppies are ready to go to their new homes in 7-8. week. If puppies are going to be exported abroad, this time period could be prolonged due different exporting rules (depends on country where is puppy going to). Special conditions apply. Please keep in touch with us regarding exporting conditions.
What shots are given to puppies?

We make sure our puppies are healthy, with all up to date shots and are treated for roundworms, tapeworms and heartworms. Each puppy is microchipped with internationally recognizable microchip and accompanied with Pet Passport and health certificate.

Do puppies have health certificate?

Yes, they do. Health of our dogs and puppies is our priority and we strive to breed healthy pups. Our puppies have regular vet check ups and they have complete final check up few days before leaving our kennel and health certificate is issued. Puppies are checked for all possible illnesses, defects like murmur, broken tails, bad bites, incorrect testiles, etc. and there is made stool test for bacterias - gardia and coccidia. Health certificate presents the fact, that puppy is healthy at the time of pick up.

Do you transport your puppies?

If personal pick up is not possible (overseas distance), hassle free, temperature controlled shipping is possible to almost all major airports worldwide. Shipping is done by experienced transporting company, usually with Lufthansa, Delta or KLM carrier, so shipping is going to be safe and fast. We have only great experiences with flights and never have had emocionally stressed or traumatized puppy or dog by flight. They are sleeping 99% time of flight duration 🙂

What kind of puppy food do you give to your puppies?
Our puppies are breastfeeded by their mother for first two weeks, then we give them special puppy milk, mush and minced meat. All puppies are feed with B.A.R.F. - organic raw food, natural supplements and joint supplements. It means they eat various sorts of meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, eggs,...


We make sure that puppies will get the best food and supplements for the best possible start of their life.


We understand that not everyone wants to feed with B.A.R.F so puppies are feed with high quality puppy kibbles too.
I am vegan, could I feed my puppy vegan diet?
Absolutely not!!! Dogs have to eat meat or meaty content in their food - they are carnivores, so they couldn't be vegan. If no meat is present in their diet, they will develop serious health issues pretty quickly. You can feed them with vegetables or fruit but meat has to be present in their diet!


If you are not comfortable with feeding of meat or processed dog food with meaty content, we suggest you to own rabbit, guinea pig, fishes, hamster or so on. These pets don't eat meat or meaty content and you cannot do harm with vegan diet to them.
What does it mean ,,to socialize,, a puppy?
Puppy socialization is very important task. Puppies go through very critical phase of their developement between 5 to 16 weeks and mature mentally very quickly in this stage. If puppies are left isolated and their interaction is limited to mother and littermates only, without imputs from outside, they often grow into fearful dogs or dogs with unwanted behaviour.


Our puppies are introduced to various situations, sounds, unknown people, kids, other animals,... Our goal is to introduce them to all situations and scenarios they will experience throughout life with their families and support their confidence, calmness and friendliness. Our puppies have great character (thanks to their parents and enviroment they are raising in) so socialization is like a breeze with them.


What is included in basic socialization (5-8 weeks)


- unknown sounds - thunder, fireworks, gun shots
- household sounds - vaccum cleaner, washing machine and all that common sounds
- grooming basics - brushing, nail clipping, cleaning ears, eyes
- wearing of collar
- puppies are introduced to other pets and kids
- trips to vet
- puppies are introduced to car rides
- basic potty training


Advanced socialization (8-16 weeks)


- advanced grooming socialization - bathing, cutting hairs, blow drying and so on
- advanced car rides
- advanced leash training
- basic commands - sit, down, no, ...
- basic show training - show stack, show movement
- basic introduction to retrievering
- trips to stores
- trips to loud city
- basic crate training
- advanced potty training
When is pedigree of puppy ready?
Standard pedigree (pedigree not for export abroad) - in 7.-12. week of age
Export pedigree (pedigree for puppies travelling abroad) - pedigree is ready within 1-2 months after preregistration to new owner is made in our Kennel club.


All pedigrees (if they are not present at time of puppy pick up) are sent by registered and insured post with tracking option directly to the new owner.


*please kindly note these times are estimated
Can I choose name of my puppy?

Yes, you can choose pet name of your puppy. Official english name in pedigree is chosen by our kennel and you can choose whatever you will like as a pet name.

When is possible to choose a puppy?
Selection of puppy is possible from 6th week of age. Earlier selection of puppy is not possible.


Puppies are developing mentally during first 6 weeks, character and energy level of puppies are different, despite the fact they are littermates. We make notes about individual puppies, their reactions, behaviour, activity and we are able to share these info with future owners. We do Puppy Apptitude test and this test is finished in 6th week of life and help us to determine characters.
It is very important for us to place the right puppy to right family.
Is there some puppy kit available for puppies for their first days in new home?

Yes, every puppy takes puppy pack which includes food for first days, collar, leash, toy, bowl and puppy blanket with scent of mother and littermates for easier adaptation in new home.

Is it possible to see parents health clearances?
Yes, it is + new owners of our puppies will get copies of health clearances of parents.
I would love to buy a puppy, do you offer payment plan?

No, we don't.

I would love to pick up puppy later than is estimated pick up time, do you hold puppies for longer time?
Sorry, we don't. Puppies are ready to go the new home in 7.-8.week. We offer fair and long est. pick up period - 8 days, so you can choose the best day for you to pick up your puppy.


Exceptions are puppies going to live abroad. These puppies have to stay longer in our kennel usually (depends on importing laws and rules of countries). Special conditions apply. Contact us for more info.
How can I be in touch with you and get updates about puppies?
We do regular updates and a lot of photosessions (usually multiple times per week) about our puppies in our Puppy page section. You can follow pregnancy updates in Pregnancy diary and updates about puppies in Puppy diary in particular litter.


Please don't forget to like and follow our Facebook page to get the fresh news about our dogs and puppies. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and don't miss anything.
I am interested in puppy, but I would like very calm puppy.

I would like to shed some light on calm puppies here out of the gate - there is no such a thing like a calm puppy, it is a myth. While adult golden retrievers are great and calm companions, all golden retriever puppies are active, playful, full of energy, discovering the world, playing rough with other puppies and dogs, they can snap and bark sometimes. Please keep in mind they are kids and do the things like human kids (the sort of:-) They are live beings with feelings, needs and they need to enjoy their puppyhood. If the puppy is unusually calm, it is a sign there is something going on and maybe puppy is not feeling well and needs vet. Yes, there are differences among puppies and their activity levels which indicates the character in future, but puppies are puppies and they are quite wild rascals. Once the dog will mature and settle down, golden retriever is perfect calm companion. Unfortunately a lot of people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the calm puppies and expect puppy to sit in one place for hours where it was left and be quite all the time. I would suggest for them to skip the puppyhood and puberty and get the adult dog. However they should consider if the owning a dog is right thing because dogs are live animals, not toys or garden decorations...

General questions about golden retrievers

Is Golden retriever right breed for me?
Golden retriever is large, loving and caring breed. He is fantastic family dog and very emphatic companion. Goldens love people and children. They are not guarding dogs as they lack agressive and guarding behaviour. They need to be in daily contact with people, interaction with people is very important with them. Goldens are hunting breed, so they love retrievering and fetching. They love water and love to swimm. Keep in mind that goldens have double coat and their undercoat is sheeding from time to time. Brushing is needed approx. 2x week (frequently in sheeding period), grooming of neck, ears, tail, paws area is recommended from time to time. Energy levels varies among Golden retrievers - some goldens are very calm and quite, rarely barks and some are more active and always ready for action.


If you are looking for guarding dog, agressive dog or dog you just keep kenneled, please stay away from Golden retrievers.


If you are looking for lovely family dog, theraphy dog, hunting dog or dog for some sports, Golden retriever should be great option for you.
How long is life span of Golden retrievers?

Average life span of Golden retriever is approx. 12 years. This question is difficult to answer because life span depends as well on life style of your dog, type of food (treats and dog food full of chemicals are huge no-no), enviroment where your dog is living in and so on. There are golden retrievers who lived happily and healthly until 16-17 years too.

Do Golden retrievers sheed?
Yes, they do. They have undercoat which needs to be brushed out from time to time.
How much do they weight?
Weight of average golden retriever male is around 35-42 kg.
Weight of average golden retriever female is around 28-32 kg.
Do they guard or protect me, my family or household?
Sorry, they are not great guarding dogs, they are just too nice and friendly to everyone. They can bark and let you know if some stranger is coming or passing by but don't count with option they are going to be agressive and protect you like guarding dog.
Golden retrievers are perfect family dogs, loving, gentle and calm.
How much do they eat daily?
Feeding of golden retriever depends on type of food and stage of life.
Puppy up to 5 months needs to eat frequently - at least 4-5x a day.


If feeded with B.A.R.F - 5-6% of their current weight divided 4 or 5 times.


If feeded with dry kibble - we suggest to follow feeding instructions on bag.
Adult dog needs to be feeded 2x a day - ideally in the morning and in the evening.


If feeded with B.A.R.F. - 2-3-4% of their ideal weight divided 2 times.


If feeded with dry kibble - we suggest to follow feeding instructions on bag.
Can I keep Golden retriever outside?

Yes, you can but keep in mind that this breed is very social and needs daily interaction with people. If there is lack of interaction with people, Golden retrievers are suffering emocionally.