No puppies planned for this moment!


several times dewormed

with all up to date shots


examined by vet

raised in our household

socialised with kids, animals, dogs

used to different sounds and situations

registered under SPKP / SPZ / SKJ / FCI

registered in Central animal database


with FCI pedigree (or FCI Export pedigree)

with health guarantee in date of pick up

with starter puppy pack (collar, leash, bowl, food for first days, scented blanket, toys)

with lifelong support with advices about training, taking care, grooming, breeding,…

with guide how to take care about your dog


We are not commercial kennel, be prepared to wait! Our puppies are usually spoken for before they are born, based on our waiting list. If you are interested in one of our precious puppies, be in touch with us as soon as possible.

For more info about planned litters and reservations please contact us per email or use contact form below.

Puppy enquires

Our way how we raise & socialise puppies

All puppies receive 24/7 attention and about 150 hours of intensive socialisation.

We raise our puppies according PUPPY CULTURE protocol.

  •     NEWBORN    

First days….

Puppies from our kennel are carefully planned long time in advance, we pay a lot of attention and give extra care to their future mom.

Puppies spent their first 2-3 weeks indoors in our house with their mother and siblings in our living room. Puppies and their mother are in close contact with us 24h/day. We don’t raise puppies in isolated rooms or some building out of house. We start with early neurostimulation when the puppies are 3 days old to 16th day of life. 


Time to discover world

First trips outdoor are made after 2-3. weeks of age and puppies can discover outside areas.

Their days are full of playing and discovering the world, they have own kindergarden where they spend most of time playing together.


Early socialization

Crucial part of puppy development

We pay a lot of attention to early socialization, puppies are used to different noises, introduced to many situations and scenarios they will go thought life with their families, used to kids, pets, grooming,…

Our puppies are introduced to various situations, sounds, unknown people, kids, other animals. Our goal is to introduce them to all situations and scenarios they will experience throughout life with their families and support their confidence, calmness and friendliness. 

Of course, they are still supervised by older and more experienced dogs.


Nutrition & vet care

Proper nutrition and vet care – the key of successful start

Our puppies are nursed for first 2 weeks, then we start to feed them with special puppy milk, mush and minced meat. They are introduced to solid food in 3rd week and we start to feed them with minced beef, vegetable, kibbles…

Puppies are able to eat and digest all types of solid food by end of 4th week. We feed them multiple times a day, they eat meat, fruit, vegetable, dairy products, broths, rice, pasta, couscous and of course high quality puppy dry food.

We feed our puppies with B.A.R.F. mainly (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) – organic raw food which is the best possible food for puppies and their healthy start of life. We support local production and we source all meat, vegetables and fruit locally from proven and organic sources. We understand the fact that new owners might be not interested with feeding BARF so our puppies are used to puppy kibbles too.

We strive to keep our puppies healthy and in super condition. They are checked by our vet frequently. Puppies leave our kennel with all up-to-date shots, several times dewormed against tapeworms, hearthworms and roundworms, micro-chipped and accompanied with Pet Passport, health certificate and copies of health clearance’s of their parents.


Potty training

Puppies from our kennel are potty trained from very first moments and are able to use toilet. This eliminates hard work of new owners and puppies are housebroken pretty quickly. New owners report minimal or no potty accidents at all in household.


Ready for new adventures

The key of wonderful life and relationship with your new furry friend is in placing the right puppy into the right family. We notice differences among puppies and their personalities and we try to do our best to spot their qualities and character. Despite the fact all puppies are cute, lovely looking there are differences among them. We make notes about each puppy and we are able to share these information with future owners and help them to find their best match. 

After few weeks of tender loving care, puppies are ready to go home and enjoy their life with their new wonderful families.