Ch Escape to Paradise Dagchells

About our Terri


Date of birth: 13.6.2013

Call name: Terri

Country of origin: Slovakia

Health: HD A, ED 0, OCD – shoulders negative, eyes clear, GR_PRA1 and GR_PRA2 negative by parentage

Teeth: scissors bite, complete dentition – 42 teeth

Size: 54,5 cm 

Weight: 29 kg

Shows: Champion of Montenegro, 3 x CAC, 2x r.CACIB, expectant of Champion of Slovakia

Our Terri is angel with devil in one body. Sweet, gentle, loving girl who can change into wild and fast dog in split of seconds. She is full of energy and it is joy to work with her. Terri is middle sized bitch, short coupled with sweetest head ever, ink jet pigmentation and tons of fluffy thick coat. She loves to sleep upside down and enjoy her life with us. Terri’s health clearances are perfect, she passed all her clearances easily. We are very happy to have this extrovert girl in our pack!

Terri’s parents

Gillbryan Joseph’s Dream x Black Magic Dagchells

Fivegeneration pedigree